We’ve invested in the latest and greatest print tech to revolutionize the marketplace.

Our Technology

Because we use the latest techniques and technology we deliver outstanding results, on time,
every time.

  • Our Studio

    We go above and beyond to create the absolute highest quality, turning new files around in 24 hours or less. Our rigorous print controls also mean that what you sign off at your desk is exactly what we print.

  • Plate Room

    This technology also allows us to work faster, taking only one hour to make a full set of nine printing plates. Holding a 0.7% dot means we can print to Litho quality without sacrificing an ounce of agility.

    Plate Room
  • Print+

    This is the biggest game changer in print we’ve ever seen. We’ve digitalized flexo and actually enhanced what we do. Seriously. You have to see it to believe it.

    Fixed colour
  • Ink Lab

    No more pantone books or subjective color judgments. The world has moved on and our ink lab measures color using precision science, also known as LAB readings. There’s a reason Coca Cola Cans are the same color on every shelf anywhere in the world. It’s because they use the same process and technology we do.

    Ink lab
  • Machinery

    Our servo driven machines are iPad controlled with automatic registration. A thing of beauty, and the workhorse of everything else we do. All equipped with in-line quality management systems. It’s our job to make your life easy.

  • Bellissima

    Our screening technology brings print to life in 350 LPI. By creating a random dot to form ultra HD quality in print, you get the best image reproduction and definition possible. It’s a game changer for your brand.

  • Crystal

    Giving you complete clarity, our customer portal allows you to track every job, see all your artwork and view your invoices.