"The atmosphere is like no other - you really feel it when you walk in. "


Night Shift Manager

What’s your role at Catapult?

I’ve been with Catapult for the last 3 years. It’s my job to maintain all the presses and make sure they’re running smoothly for everyone to hit their goals. It’s a 24/7 business!

Where did you start out in print?

This was my first ever job in print! I started in the plate room and moved up to a pressman before becoming the night shift supervisor last year.

Why did you choose printing/technology as a field to work in?

I was in a completely different industry before so coming to printing was completely alien to me. The support and training I got from Catapult in production has helped me start a great career, especially my mentor Christopher Mountain who took me under his wing!

What advice would you give to someone looking to go into print?

Be ambitious and open-minded and you can learn a lot. Having a great attitude goes a long way and thankfully thats a mindset that’s part of Catapult; it’s so different from places i’ve worked before! They really set you up to have a great career with them.

What’s your favourite part about working for catapult?

The growth! It’s so exciting to be part of!

How would you describe the culture?

The atmosphere is like no other – you really feel it when you walk in. Everyone is so helpful and takes the time to check in on everyone. It’s honestly so different than anywhere else i’ve ever worked.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The sky’s the limit! I hope to continue to grow with Catapult for as long as I can!