"From plate mounting, I started running the press and now I run an entire team. So I’ve progressed quickly in a very short time. "


Head of Daytime Make Ready

What’s your role at Catapult?

What is your role at catapult and how long have you been there?
I’m a Press Operator but also a Chief Supervisor and I’ve been with Catapult for over 2 years.

Where did you start off?

I started as a plate mounter and maker before moving to the coder. From there, I started running the press and now I run an entire team. So i’ve progressed quickly in a very short time.

What’s a day in the life of your role like?

Planning is key! I organise the jobs from our customers – from making sure everything is mounted to making sure we have paper. I’m always planning ahead to make sure we’re good to run each job at quality and speed for the best results.

Why did you choose printing/technology as a field to work in?

I actually have a degree in cardio-pulmonary care but fell in love with printing after a friend of mine encouraged me to get into it. I’ve never looked back since.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’m hoping to progress into a manager position. The team at Catapult are super supportive and want to see you succeed through every step of your career.

How would your team describe you?

I’d like to think they’d call me a team player that is approachable and dependable. I try my best to answer questions and if I don’t know the answers I always find out for them. We’re all learning every day after all.

What advice would you give to someone looking to go into print?

If you are willing to learn something new, then Catapult is the place for you. The team really push you and support you throughout.

Describe Catapult in 3 words.

Helpful. Big. Family.