Switching Made Simple: My Journey with Catapult Print.

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Switching Made Simple: My Journey with Catapult Print by Ed Holden – Sales Director

Now that I’ve been at Catapult for six months, I’ve been reflecting on the journey that led me here… I wasn’t actively looking for a change when I received a call from Mark, Lewis and Ash. The more we got talking about the Catapult Print model and the potential for growth within the United States, I couldn’t help but get excited about the possibilities and how many companies we can genuinely benefit by being a customer focused business.

Having spent years in the packaging industry, both in the UK and now the US, I’ve always noticed that the quality of print on shelves here in the United States was, to put it bluntly, often subpar. There had to be a way to enhance this, to give customers the print they truly deserved. When I first ventured to the US in 2014 and began conversing with retailers about design, it became apparent that all the hard work put in was sometimes tarnished by its execution. There were, and still are, brands, retailers and manufacturers  that are all paying a lot of money in the creative phases only to be ultimately underwhelmed with the print finish. So, when Catapult presented itself as an opportunity, I jumped at the chance because I genuinely believe there’s a better way for customers to access high-quality print services.

Since joining Catapult, I’ve witnessed first-hand how we can revolutionize the print industry for countless manufacturers, brands and retailers. For anyone reading this and feeling skeptical, take this as an open invite to see the fastest growing printer in the US. Once you step into our facility, meet our exceptional team, witness our cutting-edge technology and soak in the unique culture, it’s easy to see how and why we stand out from the crowd.

Let me delve into a few key reasons why I believe Catapult is the best of the best:


Our commitment to excellence begins with our state-of-the-art technology and presses. We’ve partnered with industry leaders like Bellisma and Nilpeter, enabling us to digitalize flexo-printing. The result? An exceptional output that sets new standards in the industry.

When we send samples out to prospective clients, usually the first two questions are;

  • “Is this printed digital?” , and the answer is no, it’s just the sheer quality that our technology allows us to print at.
  • “Do I have to pay a premium for this UV flexo then?” and again the answer is no. We are built on creating efficiencies so with this comes financial benefits for our clients.


Many sales teams make big promises but falter when it comes to onboarding clients. At Catapult, we’ve honed in on a streamlined process through extensive practice. We understand how to transition client work swiftly and seamlessly, ensuring minimal disruptions in the switch so clients can reap the benefits of working with us.


With the powerful combination of cutting-edge technology along with our in-house system, Catapult boasts impressive efficiency timelines and run speeds. This translates into remarkable lead times and cost structures for our clients, providing them with a competitive edge.

My transition to Catapult has been nothing short of seamless, and my primary goal now is to ensure that customers who choose to switch to Catapult experience the same ease and efficiency. It’s not just about attracting clients but also about delivering on our promises and exceeding expectations.

Now, let’s touch upon a little backstory. My journey into the print industry began in the UK, where I had the privilege of working alongside Mark Cook, Catapult’s founder. It’s remarkable how life’s twists and turns have brought us back together. Our shared experiences in the UK print industry have laid the foundation for our collaboration here in the United States, where we’re determined to raise the bar for print quality. Other colleagues here have also previously worked with Mark, which I think speaks volumes about the positive culture that he, Lewis and Ash have been built.

At Catapult, we’re not just selling a service; we’re offering a transformation. We’re revolutionizing the way print is done in the United States. We’re rewriting the narrative of what’s possible in the world of printing. And we’re doing it with a relentless commitment to excellence, a talented team that’s passionate about pushing boundaries and technology that sets new standards. That’s what we mean by a customer-focused business. We understand that our partners need and strive to deliver upon that.

I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of print. It’s more than just ink on paper; it’s a medium that connects people, tells stories and drives businesses forward. When done right, print can captivate and inspire people. At Catapult, we’re not just in the business of printing; we’re in the business of creating exceptional print experiences.

So, if you’re out there, wondering whether it’s time to make the switch to Catapult, I urge you to take that leap of faith. It’s a journey I embarked on and  now embrace with excitement, and I’m certain you’ll feel the same way too. In the last 6 months, many customers have partnered with us at Catapult, for which we are massively grateful for and it just shows how our customer focus is truly working.

In the ever-evolving world of print, we’re not just adapting; we’re leading the charge. Switching to Catapult isn’t just a change; it’s a transformation on cost and quality. It’s the future of print, made simple.