Meet the team – Jim Thompson.

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Catapult is a people-powered business, with a team that’s a force to be reckoned with. Together, we have hundreds of years worth of experience, and new Sales Manager, Jim Thompson brings 29 more. After decades in big-name printing companies, Jim joined the Catapult team in January 2024. Having started his career at the print coalface as an engineer at a printing facility, he went on to lead the way by optimizing process efficiencies, before bringing his wealth of knowledge to sales divisions. With such an impressive resumé, let’s find out what lured Jim to Catapult.

Why Catapult?

Catapult’s nimbleness out in the marketplace is what attracted me. They’ve been disrupting the print industry with their turnaround times, and quality.

What are your goals as Sales Manager?

To continue Catapult’s exponential growth into the future. How? Catapult has a “can do” attitude that allows me to get on with my job. There’s no one internally working against us as this is a sales-focused and supportive organization. Often with larger companies, the internal sell is harder than the external one, and Catapult eliminates that as a hardship. There’s no limitations, so my goals for Catapult have no limits.

What do you love most about your job?

Getting involved with clients and customers to understand their business and create long-term mutual partnerships. By really digging into their processes we can anticipate what they may need going forward. I love showing investment and interest, offering that extra level of service that makes you a trusted adviser. You always want to do what you say you’re going to do, and Catapult makes it easy to keep promises, which makes my job easier.

Any nice surprises since joining?

Catapult has invested heavily into standardization across their print platform which has allowed for very flexible and fluid response times. With several 9-color Nilpeter presses and Bellissima screening technology adopted by the business, I’ve come into what’s already a seriously slick process.

How does Catapult compare to competitors?

The print industry is experiencing a lot of consolidation, which creates a bogged-down process. But Catapult is nimble. Crystal, our online portal, creates full transparency, allowing clients to see orders, approve artwork and much more, 24/7. And when we’re not averaging super-fast 2-4 day lead times, we have dedicated presses for same-day orders. As well as truly digitizing the flexo printing process, we also make doing business as easy as possible with better value in service. Catapult has a dedicated implementation team for new products and clients, creating a smooth and seamless transition to Catapult as a print partner.

Having got well and truly stuck into his new role, Jim is excited to be a part of a team making waves in the print industry.

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