Catapult Print’s Game-Changing Partnership with Leading Seafood Manufacturer.

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A leading seafood manufacturer with several sites across North America, was struggling with inefficiencies with their previous label supplier. They faced a staggering 8-week lead time for linerless labels and lengthy lead times forced them to stockpile excess inventory, tying up valuable resources. They needed a revolutionary solution, not just a band-aid fix.

Enter Catapult Print. We didn’t just offer a solution; we delivered a complete overhaul. Understanding the critical need for speed and reliability, we slashed their lead time from 8 weeks to an astonishing 6 days. This was more than a service improvement—it was a paradigm shift. We eliminated their dependency on excess stock, liberating their cash flow and turbocharging their operational efficiency. We stepped up where others failed, transforming their labeling process into a streamlined, high-velocity operation.

This leading seafood manufacturer was one of Catapult Print’s first customers, taking a bold chance on our, at the time, start-up company. Their leap of faith paid off, and we’ve maintained a strong partnership ever since.

The impact was immediate and profound:

SKU’s Printed: 50
Average Turnaround Time: 6 Days
On-Time Delivery: 93%
Full Delivery: 100%

With Catapult Print, the seafood manufacturer got quick deliveries which meant they could keep pace with production demands without the constant fear of label shortages or paying for excessive stock of labels. This partnership propelled their business forward, allowing them to focus on what they do best— producing top-quality seafood products.

The seafood manufacturer couldn’t be more thrilled with the results:

“Catapult Print has completely transformed our business. We needed a partner who could break the mold and deliver real results. Switching to Catapult Print was a bold move, but it paid off in spades. Their 6-day turnaround time blew our previous 8-week lead time out of the water. We’ve slashed our excess stock, improved our cash flow, and can finally rely on a partner who delivers every
single time. Catapult Print didn’t just meet our expectations—they obliterated them. This partnership has been a total game-changer.”

Let us revolutionize your entire labeling process, and cement a partnership that fuels mutual growth and success. Get in touch today.